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Often the forthcoming spouses wonder if this is proper to ask their guest for something else than flowers for wedding ceremony. The answer is: of course. More and more people start to think, that flowers are thrown money. Obviously, they are looking beautiful during the wishes in front of the church, but this is the only positive aspect. Normally when we get to the venue, everybody forgets there are flowers in the trunk and if we want them to present nice, they need water. The true is, that forgetting in this situation is normal, because it’s the wedding, and bouquets in in the trunk are not important anymore. So, what should we ask for and how should we do it? Naturally in the wedding invitations!


There are ideas below what is good substitute of flowers.

  • Wine

  • Books

  • Pet’s food for shelters

  • Sweets

  • Lottery coupon

  • Toys for child care homes

  • Pot flowers


You can ask for these things in some nice rhymes, for example:


We know it’s not traditional and not the way it’s done
but rather than flowers we’d love to get some wine.

So, if you’d like to give a bouquet and send us on our way
few bottles to our little bar would really make our day.


The flowers will wilt very soon,
so we want to ask for some sweets while the wedding afternoon.
We know that the tradition of bouquets is settled,
but a chocolate or jellies will be heart melted.

Tkalnia Eventowych Pomysłów Wedding Planner Polish Mountains